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Gauli Rescue 70th Anniversary – A Worthy Remembrance in Meiringen

Our Number One, A-99, was on static display indeed, thus representing the Storks which were employed 1946, but the planned flyover over the disaster site on the glacier could not take place. The Foehn storm with wind speeds of more than 40 knots was simply too strong. Hence, the flight with the SA332 Superpuma of the Swiss Air Force to the finding site of the C-53 propeller had to be cancelled heavy-heartedly after a reconnaissance flight.

So we remembered together with the Swiss Air Force and the Swiss Air Rescue REGA and many journalists the brave achievements of the Gauli rescuers in November 1946.

Unterbach Base Commander Colonel Reto Kunz pointed out in his speech that thanks to the Gauli rescue Switzerland today is a stronghold of air rescue operations.

Sascha Hardegger, Head of Helicopter Operations Swiss Air Rescue REGA, called vigilance and risk management used by the responsibles the day before the operation had started, to finally give green light for the air rescue, the greatest legacy of the Gauli rescue: „For us this rescue operation is a shining example until today.“

We are very happy about the great support we have received for our celebration from the Swiss Air Force and we are glad that the general public in Switzerland and abroad was able to participate by countless articles and publications in the media.

The flyover of a Stork on this Föhn shaken day was too risky by far. Already 1946 the guardian angels took overtime on the Gauli. Under no circumstances we expected them to do that again 70 years later.

During next spring, as soon weather and snow conditions permit, we will conduct a landing on the Gauli glacier with the original A-97 and another Stork to commemorate the beginning of organized air rescue.


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